A campaign is the process of promoting one or more apps, services, or products.

There's no guaranteed way to have a profitable campaign, but there are 4 things that can help:

Choose an app that fits your audience's interests

Take a look at the people who follow you in your social media channels. What are their interests? Music? Traveling? Games? Fashion?

Consider what kind of campaigns your audience would like to see, or how they would benefit from it. Then, check the available campaigns on the hi! platform and pick the ones you think your followers would like.

Number of followers

The more followers you have, the more likely it is that they will see your tracking link.

Check where your followers are

When you browse through our available campaigns, you can check which are the countries where an install would count. For instance, if you decide to promote an app that is available for the US and for Canada, only the installs that come from people who are in those countries will be converted into coins.

Create a remarkable integration

When you paste your tracking link into your accounts, add an original 'call-to-action' message. A 'call-to-action' message is a sentence alongside a small text, video and/or photo that motivates your followers to use your tracking link to access the product you're promoting.

For instance, if your followers are into live music and you find an app on our platform that announces the nearby music concerts, copy the tracking link into your account with a message such as 'Never miss a gig from your favourite band again. Check out this app!'

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