Welcome to hi!

This guide shall help you get started running your own campaigns in no time:

hi! is a platform to help social media influencers monetise their audience via link recommendations. As in any other platform, there are some rules you have to follow. Please pay attention to them, because breaking these rules will result in the suspension of your account and the deductions of your coins balance. 

Here's what NOT to do when using hi!:

  • Excessive self-use: making a few tests with your link on your phone before promoting to your audience is ok, but excessively using the link on your phone or getting friends to use your link will not be tolerated.
  • Incentivise or reward your followers to engage in your campaign is strictly forbidden - please never say you'll reward your followers if they for example download and install your app campaign, or that your campaign profit is for charity.
  • Promote under false claims about the app or product. 
  • Create multiple user accounts. This can lead to being banned. 

Here's what you CAN do:

  • Customise your campaigns to your audience and be creative.
  • Pick apps that suit your audience's interests, even if they do not have the highest coin value. This will lead to better overall results and your audience will trust your recommendations more.
  • Always use the tracking link provided by hi!. But you can use a link shortener to optimise or customise your link.

We know this is boring, but these rules were created to make the platform work better for everyone. Keep these rules in mind and you are good to go. Happy sharing, everyone!

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