Here are some techniques, which will allow you to increase your performance on YouTube:

Avoid naming directly

In order to prevent people from simply googling the name of the app in the app store and loosing a wide range of potential installs, don't initially reveal what app you are promoting. In doing so you have a higher chance of getting more views because your followers are intrigued by the name of your video. Also, you are more free to present an app in section of your video, it doesn't need to be a whole 15min dedicated to e.g. a mobile game tutorial.

Create an intriguing video title and CTA description

The most important and secure way to earn with hi! is to place your tracking link right under your video, in the description section, which is visible and easy, without the need to click on the option: ''show more''. With this in mind, you make sure that most people notice your free download link.  A little bit more unique, funny description can help, or just writing the most important message in capital letters, using extra symbols etc. Be creative but also clear, so everyone understands your main point without unnecessary confusion.

Mention the link and point out where to find it

Pretty obvious - when you promote, mention that the direct link to download is already in your video description. For example, there is no need for your followers to look for the app on their own if they can get exactly the same app via your link faster and more conveniently. It is advisable to say that your followers should use the link in your description a couple of times as then your followers will notice your link and most probably install the app through it.

Promote campaigns that are relevant for your audience

Choose the campaigns that you and your followers like. It doesn't make much sense to promote a product you don't enjoy. Such promotions will only look awkward and may disappoint your followers.

Use some engaging techniques or video formats

Very often how you present a campaign has a great impact on the performance of your promotion. Before making an actual video campaign it is worth to consider:

a) format of your video:

  • live stream - easier to interact with your followers and esp. while playing a clan game might be successful, because then you give live comments on people who have joined your clan, challenge your followers, show your spontaneous reaction to gameplay without editing etc.
  • what's on my phone - simply show the most interesting stuff and apps you have on your mobile
  • app review
  • shoutout - a short info about the app entangled in your video or funnily integrated to your vlog episode
  • letsplay - a real classic when it comes to presenting any game.

b)  small incentives to get people to stay in the app for a longer time

  • giveaway - organizing a contest with a small prize (e.g. $25 iTunes voucher) for somebody who reaches a high level in the game you have promoted or joins your alliance, anything, which will maintain your good relationship with your followers and ensure that they will use the promoted app for a longer time. 

c) a couple of mentions about the campaign to make sure people come back to it

  • it really helps when you mention your campaign and the link in more than one video. Not only do your followers remember your promotion, but most probably they will check it out again.

Now you are more than likely to make another cool promotion! Go for the win, we wish you lots of success! 


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