When you browse through our available campaigns, you can see some flags under their name. This means that only actions from users who are located in those countries can be converted into coins.

In this example case, only the installs made from followers who are in Australia, Canada, UK and US can be converted into coins.

Does this mean I have to be in one of those countries to use hi!?

No. You can even be in Spain and promote apps targeted for the UK, but only actions made from the users based in Great Britain will be converted into coins.

Installs & Why you may not have received coins

You may see that your followers have used the link you have promoted but you haven’t received any coins. Why? There are 5 possible reasons:

  1. Your followers haven’t opened the app. hi! is all about promoting apps people can use, so coins will only appear after your followers use the app.
  2. The app must not have been previously installed on the device. If the app is uninstalled and re-downloaded, no coins will be credited.
  3. Your followers are not in a valid country. If you have promoted an app targeted for the US only and someone in Spain downloads it, this install won’t be converted into coins.
  4. Wrong or outdated operating system. If you’re promoting an app that is for iOS mobile phones, you won’t receive coins for installs on Android.
  5. The campaign has stopped. The app in question may no longer be available in our platform, and hence coins will no longer be credited into your account.
  6. Take your time and go make yourself a cup of coffee. Coins can take up to 2 hours to appear. It all depends on the app.

If it still doesn't work, please contact us - we will look into your problem in detail.

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