What are coins?

Coins are the money you receive every time one of your followers uses your like for a campaign. 100 coins equals 1$, so if for example an app is worth 200 coins, that means you’ll get 2$ per each install. You’ll get paid when you reach 50$ or more, which means 5000 coins.

How will I get paid?

  1. After you reach the minimum balance of $50, you can expect your payment the next month.
  2. Please note that you will be paid within the first two weeks of the following month.

It's not mandatory to reach $50 every month but you’ll only get paid once you do. Keep in mind that coins last for 18 months, so if you have reached 3400 coins in December, for example, they will remain in your account for one year and a half - so, as you can see, you have lots of time to reach 5000 coins.

You can see the full payments terms on the payments page.

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