You can promote your tracking links on one of the most visual networks ever, via Instagram stories or a classic feed post.

  1. After you generate your tracking link and paste it on the ‘website’ section in your bio.
  2. Publish a photo that promotes the app and write a description that encourages your followers to download the app. Alternatively, or in combination, publish stories that promote the app and add your tracking link to swipe up.


Of course it is also possible to promote apps on the queen of social media networks. Do the following with your tracking link:

  1. Paste the link on a status & a picture or video of the app
  2. A call-to-action message is fundamental but keep in mind that on mobile only the first 3 lines of a status are visible. We recommend you to write a call-to-action message up to 3 lines, otherwise your followers will have to click on ‘see more’ to check the tracking link.


We all love YouTube and it is a great network to promote apps! Make a video about the apps you’re promoting and invite your followers to download them, or make a brief introduction about the apps, mentioning the link can be found in the description box of the video.


Sharing apps here is as quick and simple as a tweet. After you generate a tracking link, paste it on Twitter along with a call-to-action message that motivates your followers to download the app. We would advise you to add a picture of the app to your tweet and to use hashtags.

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